In a Japanese Garden

Performed by Ossicle Duo at Melbourne Recital Centre on July 3rd

Reviewed by Anni Kalco - July 6 2018

“Ossicle Duo presented a program that was loud and chaotic, warped and rich, peaceful and meditative, and interrupted by recurring, calming high-pitched patterns. This asymmetry was masterfully held together by something similar to that special Japanese art of balancing beauty and simplicity with complexity.”

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Natural Order

Performed by Ossicle Duo at Temperance Hall, 199 Napier St. South Melbourne on February 18 2018

Review by Astrid Bolcskey-Hullick - February 18 2018


On Sunday 18th of February I went to Temperance Hall with my dad James Hullick to Natural Order performed by the Ossicle Duo. The people performing were Hamish Upton and Benjamin Anderson. Hamish Upton played the percussion such as drums, chimes, xylophones and many other percussion instruments. Benjamin Anderson played trombones and euphonium which had two bells.

There were four pieces. They were Earth (Richard Barret), Beast from Air (Brenton Broadstock), Tierkreis(Stockhausen), Grit (James Hullick).

The first piece was Earth. It was very LOUD! It had lots of drums in it and Benjamin Anderson was playing the trombone VERY LOUDLY! Earth reminded me of the beach. I felt as though I was bouncing over waves.

The second piece was Beast from Air. It wasn’t loud or quiet it was a mix of both. The first half was quiet the second half was loud! I enjoyed this piece! Beast from Air reminded me of being underground. I felt as though I was walking around a rabbit’s warren.

The third piece was Tierkreis. It was quite loud. It was also played really, really well! Tierkreis reminded me of big wavescrashing together. I felt as though I was drifting away from the shore. 

The last piece was Grit. It was very loud and said the word MINE in it a lot! It reminded me of being on a train. I felt as though I was moving off the platform and out of the station.

After the performance I helped my dad pack everything away in the car.